I have been attending births for years. And no matter how the birth goes, there is always that moment. The moment of not only the birth of a baby but the birth of a parent. It doesn't matter if it is your first second or tenth. It is there.

I became obsessed with showing that moment back to the person who gave birth. As a birth doula, if possible, I would always have my camera out if the family wanted it. I found myself ringside to an event that can not be expressed with words. Words compared to an image paled in comparison. That moment of pure emotion that comes with bringing a child earthside. It didn't matter where it happened home, hospital or operating room. And the emotions range from triumph to sadness. In my line of work I learned that there is no one way to feel when welcoming a new life. It is my passion to portray birth as-is. 

To be able to capture these moments, the small, the large, is a privilege. A sweet smile between contractions, the look of unbridled strength during a strong wave or the joy of a room when a parent catches their own child. 

As a birth worker I understand the unique setting of birth, as a photographer I am able to bring a neutral energy to the space. I know the rhythm of birth and I can anticipate moments before they happen and be prepared to capture them.

I also truly enjoy doing portrait sessions with a family as it grows and changes. I love shooting in nature but am just as comfortable shooting in a studio or home setting. 

Laura lives and works in Troy NY with her husband and son. 

Laura lives and works in Troy NY with her husband and son.